January 5

Activities: Bus Tour of Turin. Car Museum.

Quote of the Day: A passionate woman is worth the chaos. (Seen printed on a store window during the bus trip). Used the map to locate the square and then the side street to take a photo. Found it using the most direct route.

Insight of the Day: I need to be more present wherever I am.

Artifact: Eataly salt packet and silverware packet. Paper placemat from lunch. Really forcing myself to collect when this past year I’ve been letting go, dejunking and getting rid of these types of artifacts trying to minimize the clutter. I’ve spent my life collecting too much and am focusing more on collecting via photographs/memories. I’d like to live surrounded only by objects I really love/want and can create a space for. If not, I don’t want it in my life.

Subject of the Day: Look down.

Notes: Decided yesterday to give myself a subject of the day. Today I decided to photograph the street/ground, specifically parts of showed intentional design but that I would usually overlook. I noticed how many grates, curbs, cobblestone streets, sidewalks, escalators, manholes etc have different patterns. Definitely got some strange looks while I photographing them when everyone else was photographing buildings and looking up.

Really liked creating a exercise that made me look at different things. I am going to pick something different every day.



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